it's a great life, if you don't weaken (matociquala) wrote,
it's a great life, if you don't weaken

now i'm not exactly sure what phylum i'm in.

I am emitting a 60-cycle hum.

Today was a pretty good archery day, making up for a bad climbing day yesterday. Apparently, the plan is jukido on Friday, climbing on Saturday, and a kayaking trip on Sunday.

Yeah, I dunno when I find the time to do anything, either. But at least I shall be well-exercised.

Today's actual work involved a bunch more reading of the Mongol book that will not die. I have always been reading this Mongol book. I always shall be reading this Mongol book. I am the God who reads the Mongol book. (insert obscure Robin McKinley joke here.) I also wrote three or four scenes of "Spell 81A," which is really really nearly done. And I like it. And it may provoke gasps of astonisment our outrage from various Shadow Unit fans.

I am Pleased. (Also, stillsostrange's stuff is amazing.)

Most of my work for the rest of the month is catching up on reading, and writing book reviews (ten or so, I think--better get cracking), and a revision pass on A Reckoning of Men. Which I do not actually expect to start for about ten days yet.

Oh, and I need to write the chapbook that goes with The White City. I have 500 words of it, and I suspect that will be my backup project for August, when I am supposed to be writing Range of Ghosts.

Boy, isn't it a good thing my big deadline crunch is over and I can relax now? 
Tags: abby irene, eternal sky, range of ghosts, shadow unit, the writer at work, wtf

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