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history shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man

Tonight, TBRE, The Jeff, and I attended a Jukido class at the local community center, which was far, far more awesome than I expected. (The first class was last week: TBRE and The Jeff attended, but I was probably on my second scotch in the Readercon pub by then. My body is totally a temple. In that it expects regular libations...)

I'm in love. Sensei is, at first association, a wonderful teacher (and firmly in the Socratic mode of letting us make mistakes and then showing us a better way to do it); the senpai (all of whom are about a third my age) are generous and welcoming, and I have found that I really enjoy being tossed on my ass by people half my size. I kind of adore sensei--he's a soft-spoken Engineering Ph.D from Cuba with a name so charming I'm not sure he isn't a fictional character.

Today's work was breakfall, rear choke, side choke, and mugger's holds (the breaking thereof). I have taken a little kickboxing, karate, and qigong in the past; one thing that I loved about this class was how fast and how practical it was. And also, falling is MUCH more fun than doing forms. I may be a little giddy with joy, actually.

Tomorrow, climbing (and more reading, which today was also mostly given to) and I plan to practice falling some on the gym mats; Sunday, reading and a kayaking trip.

It's a dog's life.
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