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oh no, not me, i never lost control

Item the first: NEW SHADOW UNIT!

Today my usual partners in crime and I went to visit friends in Guilford who have a really cute tiny house right on the sea, no doubt complete with the sort of insane property taxes that have been driving normal folks off Connecticut's coastline for the last decade or so. (Thank you, housing bubble.)

Anyway, we hung out, and went kayaking across the harbor (my first ocean kayaking ever) and through a salt marsh, where we saw several (three) osprey nests, a bunch of white egrets, some blue crabs, and some clams. Also, I got a sunburn across my shoulders. Despite religious application of sunblock. Oops. There are no photos of this, due to danger to the camera.

We also swam, and then went out for a cruise of the scenic Thimble Islands. If you've ever heard it said of some wealthy person that they have a house in same, here are some photos to give an idea what that means. (I love the Scenic Tree in the second one.)

This is Mother-In-Law's Island.  THIS is Captain Kidd's Cove.

Thimble Islands Connecticut 2010 07 18 030  Thimble Islands Connecticut 2010 07 18 033

Yes, that Captain Kidd.

And this is a loader on a barge, because it cracked me up.

Thimble Islands Connecticut 2010 07 18 043
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