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bear by san

March 2017



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Parsnips and canned goods 2010 07 19 002

Pear butter (with pears from the backyard) and parsnips I grew myself. This is very satisfying.

I wonder what I shall do with the parsnips....


Peel 'em, cut 'em up, toss them with olive oil and kosher salt, and roast 'em. Unspeakably delicious.
Um. I would pray to those parsnips before the stars are right and they wake to devour the universe. Not that it would help. But it's the principle of the thing.

Elsewise I'd smear them in a mixture of olive oil, honey, cracked pepper and salt and roast them with a few sprigs of fresh thyme. Nom.
. . . *whimpers*

I am incompetent in the kitchen. Moar direction pls! What proportion of oil to honey? And what temperature do you find they like best for roasting? (this is an especially special point of bitterness to me, as for the same vegetable the internets will give me a 200 degree range. when you cannot trust the internets what is this world coming to, is what I say.)
Roast them! And devour them with relish.

I peel and parboil mine, then toss them with olive or sesame oil, a little sea salt and omnomnomnomnom.
Another vote to roast the parsnips. Mmmm, parsnips. Or grill them. Mmmmmm.
I wasn't actually looking for direction, just wondering what *I* felt like doing with them.

Which, right now, is probably preserving them for winter.... because I'm sure as hell not baking or roasting anything for another six weeks or so.

I used to make parsnip cakes with chunks of bacon in them. Now, I'm thinking about making them and smearing them with pear butter.

I'm going to have to learn how to make pear butter...

I find your food posts both inspiring and depressing, as I remain a crap cook, but I keep trying! =D

Wow. That sounds delicious and unhealthy. *g*
If it was winter I'd suggest a parsnip and other roots gratin w/Gruyere, but it's not winter...
*slobbers some more*

If parm is the king of cheeses, Gruyere is the Queen. There are few things better for baking-on-top-of-things.
Ooo, what a good idea!
parsnip butter?
parsnip icecream?
parsnip kabobs?
parsnip soup?
parsnip shoes?
parsnip wallpaper?
parsnip pencils?
parsnip hair clip? Hey, that rhymes...
I just know what whatever you come up with, I'm going to be jealous of it.
Nice parsnips. And with good, long, tails. You must have good soil. Congrats.

A farmer told me last week that bifurcated tails in parsnips and carrots mean over-fertilizing. Just passing on that nugget which explains why my carrots always come out wide and yog-sothtothish. Another farmer tells me that letting parsnips stay in the soil until late November is a way of getting them really sweet in time for Christmas.

I can't confirm. I'm s--- at root veg.

I tend to do my parsnips in exactly the same way as my belgian endive: braised in a ceramic casserole with butter, lemon, and salt. Nothing else.
Huh. From what I understand, it means your soil is dense.

Which would be a good reason to grow Oxheart carrots....
Mom used to peel parsnips, chop 'em up, parboil 'em to tender them up some, then coat them in flour and saute in butter. Ultra delicious, but maybe not so low in calories.

Edited at 2010-07-19 11:42 pm (UTC)
Parsnips are awesome; first, they are the most necessary ingredient for making a proper chicken soup. Do not make chicken soup without parsnips.
Second: roasted with other root veggies, a little oil, rosemary and garlic
Third: mashed with potatoes, horseradish and garlic.
Pears butter no parsnips.
Your parsnips look like mandrakes - did you have to wear earplugs to harvest them? :P
I know you weren't asking for suggestions, but I can't help myself: Vegan Lemon Curd at Notes From The Vegan Feast Kitchen. This stuff is so good, it's indescribable. When I give it to someone the first time, I ask them to guess the ingredients. They always come up with eggs, cream, sugar, and lemons. Only two of which it has. I've had people refuse to believe me when I tell them it's made with parsnips.

I need to go get some parsnips and lemons now.... And maybe a crumpet or two to go with.