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i was young and dumb and fucked up in the head

Item: is selling ebook versions of 12 of it's 13 first-year stories for $.99 each, including my "The Girl Who Sang Rose Madder," (the first in what PNH calls my "Life Sucks, Let's Be Monsters" diptych).

Item: "Spell 81a" is under deathmarch by myself and stillsostrange, resulting in a wordcount of 977 words for me yesterday. All my bits are done, and she has two scenes left, so today I get to read Who Fears Death and cheer wildly. Then we turn the hounds loose on it, since I'm pretty sure the continuity is borked, but my eyes are swimming.

Item: Happy trails, stillnotbored!

Item: jaylake, I love ya, man.

Item: Today is a Rest Day. Because I have been an extremely virtuous bear of late*, and my muscles are telling me about it. And anyway, I do have to go pick up the farm share later today, which involves a certain amount of toil in the hot sun picking fava beans. And then there will be pickling of things. At least it's supposed to cool down tonight. And rain, which we still need badly.

*despite this virtue, I have somehow gained weight. And not, alas, muscle. The law of thermodynamics does not apply to bears.

Item: The Secrit Projekt I have been working on with kylecassidy is in the process of being packaged up and will soon be available via Etsy*. If you make nice Etsy shops, he might want to talk to you.

*It's not exactly a book, you see...

Item: 332.1 miles to Minas Tirith
Tags: publications, shadow unit, walking to mordor bakson, with your csa or on it, wtf

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