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now in your waking or in your dreams i'll not be martyred

Whew. Okay, only four more books to read for my reviewing chores this month. You'd think this was work or something.

Actually, it's good work to have. Because it's work that is not writing fiction, and I'm still pretty empty-head on the fiction front. Of course, my time off has not been exactly time off, as I've been working on various projects--but the mental space freed up by Not Writing A Novel is huge. I'm actually contemplating putting off starting Range of Ghosts for a bit, because I need some more of that mental space to get some stuff accomplished here. Like this short story I owe, and the book proposals I need to get written.

And because I'm well into oh my god please don't make me write another novel already it's too soon territory.

On the other hand, the get in and get it over with bug is whispering in my other ear. Who can say which will win?

I wish I knew what this short story was about. Because I want it off my to-do list. Maybe I can brainstorm that on Sunday when I'm driving all over Hades.

Second Jukido class today, and again I really enjoyed it. I'm a very little-endian thinker: for me it's practical first and theoretical third, and that is very much the way this martial art approaches learning. I think I lucked out here.
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