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i am wearing socks. they are not painted on.

I am exhausted today, but yesterday was a very good climbing day. I redid that 5.10, and redid a 5.8 I've done before (not as well this time, but I was more tired). And got a new and very hard 5.9 that took eight tries to figure out how to even get on. Then a new-to-me 5.8.

All of these were moderately to extremely overhung.

And then, being pumped and schraped and generally ass-kicked, I panted up a little 5.6 just to test myself to failure.

Today, unsurprisingly, my neck hurts.

Today is my D&D game. In a minute here I have to drive to Fall River.

I will be using the time in the car, hopefully, to think about the short story I want to write tomorrow.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks
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