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words are very unnecessary. they can only do harm.

I got a little over 4,000 words on the chapbook story today, which I will probably be calling "Twilight," because I can't come up with a better story. I was aiming for 5K with it, and since it was at something just under 3K before today's writing and is now a little over 7K, you can guess that I'm probably not going to hit that target.

It grew a bunch of subplots while I wasn't looking, which is mostly the fault of stillsostrange and tanaise. And frankly, it's kind of self-indulgent, but if you can't self-fanfic for the chapbook story for a limited edition of a novella in an established world, where the heck can you self-fanfic?

I'm having fun, anyway. And it's nearly writing itself.

I think I have like three more scenes to go. If I pull an all-nighter after I pick up the farm share and have dinner with my Mom, I might even finish it tonight, which would be exciting. Because I would like to be done.

I'm really enjoying having a good writing day. Those don't happen as often as they used to.

Maybe I need to be self-indulgent more often.
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