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you can find your way back home before you die

Well, that was a pretty productive eight hours. Not only did I finish my bad draft of "Twilight," which still needs a real title--but I also finished the submission draft of A Reckoning of Men. And I went for a two mile run.

And still appear to be unsleepy. I wonder if this will hold out through my massage therapy appointment and my climbing date tonight.

Perhaps I should try to catch a nap in here somewhere.

Tonight, I'm going to try to revise "Twilight."

This just proves to me that I'm right: sleep is an evil plot to rob me of six to eight useful hours of the day. Boo. Think of all the playtime I'm missing because I'm unconscious. If only I could work from say, ten pm to four am every night, and have the rest of the day to do stuff....
Tags: abby irene, iskryne, new amsterdam, the writer at work

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