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to the victor go the ashes of the spoils

Just got home from archery and dinner (small party tonight--it was just netcurmudgeon and me). I have made an improvement, arching-wise; now I need to work on my consistency. But on the good shots (which are coming more frequently) I can feel how much more control I have. Some of this is better and more consistent stance and breath awareness; some of it is steadier aim as the climbing and kayaking makes me stronger.

Aim is dynamic. Like balance.

Like everything else in life.

Dinner was at Rocco's, my favorite local Italian place, and I have enough carbohydrates in my system now to run a marathon tomorrow. (Best wild mushroom ravioli evar. Testimonial!)

And now I have three and a half totally unscheduled days in front of me, and my roomie will by on a white water trip, so I can have a great big introvert fit--which is an incredible luxury. I have a lot of work to do on those days, but the mere fact of not having to wedge it in around other obligations (obligations, I hasten to add, that I mostly enjoy) makes it seem almost leisurely. I'm also going to make zucchini bread and banana bread, by god. Because I can.

And right now, I need to finish reading a book I have to write a review for.

It's a great life if you don't weaken.
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