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you figure out how to get into the impossible building...

...and i'll go talk to the killer with nothing to lose.

So yeah, those of you who commended unto me Flashpoint as a pallative for my Criminal Minds withdrawal symptoms (potentially fatal, given poor CM's imminent network-induced shark jump), it is indeed rather good. So far I'm six episodes in, and the ratio is two excellent (including the series opener) to four better-than-average. I still only know the names of two of the characters, and I could wish for a little more demographic diversity, but I really am enjoying it for smarts and humaneity.

So, win. Thanks!

This will probably hold me until I get new CM for my birthday. Although, man. Given what CBS is doing to AJ and Paget, I admit I fucking dread season 6.
Tags: geeks with guns, media, violent canadian television

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