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i'm a god. where's your fucking neck?

Maybe I won't start writing Range of Ghosts on Monday after all. Maybe I will start writing this novella ("Mobius Heart," which still needs a title that does not suck).

I dunno. I need to be three people to get everything done.

I'm coming to accept that I do indeed have a bout of post-novel ennui, and maybe I should nurse it--and my usual pattern of emerging from post-novel ennui is to not do much of anything for a week (which, due to deadlines, I have not been able to manage this time) and then write a couple of pieces of short fiction that have been stuck in my head for a while, and then get started on the next big project.

And since my month off never really materialized, maybe I need to give myself a little time now to let things cook.

Or maybe I need to stop planning so damned much and just work on what comes before my hand, and trust to fate. Although I am a little painfully aware that I only have three months in which to draft Range of Ghosts if I want to hit my deadline--but it's a pretty straightforward narrative, and the next book after that isn't due until November 2011 (though there are other projects in the line)...

And I'm restless, which makes it hard not to work.

Oh, fuckit. I'm going to finish putting the dishes away, listen to Car Talk and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and then I am going to Write All The Things. And then watch some more TV or read a book or something.
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