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bear by san

March 2017



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writing whiskey wicked faerie

it's not all roses being a transvestite

Well, nothing got done today except catching up on SciAm, canning 5 pints of beets, and going through the slush. Possibly the post-novel ennui has progressed from subclinical to acute, because I have ideas of things I might like to write, but no werewithal at all with which to write them.

Maybe tomorrow.

msagara has a great post over here about why you don't have to be embarrassed if you haven't read her books, which I want to enthusiastically recommend--and second. I mean, I want you to read my books. I write them to be read. I don't eat if people don't buy them.

But there's no rule that says you have to buy them to talk to me. Or read my blog.

Really. It's cool. 


You get more done on your crappy days than I get done on my good ones. But I'm not exactly jealous at all. I'm... impressed.

Also, if you ever get a Maker Faire out your way, go. OMG, idea-factory.
Thank you for the tip!
Thanks for the reminder of some truths.
You mean transvestites aren't all dressing cool, dancing the Time Warp, and creating love slaves in their basements? Darn.
I actually just finished reading "By The Mountain Bound", which is the first novel of yours I've read (and I think the only short story I've read was "Orm The Beautiful").

I'll be blog-reviewing it on Wednesday.
Thank you.
>> canning 5 pints of beets <<

My brain insists on reading that as '5 pints of beer', which had me wondering if canning was some new slang for drinking (c.f. 'necking') until I actually stopped and parsed it properly. This probably says more about me than about you ;)
mm, beer....