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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

i've been the thorn. i've been the hunt.

I'm grimly accumulating wordcount this morning (if I get 3K today, I will have 1/10 of a book!) and I have a Moss Troll Problem.

So: Horsey people on my internets: I need a term for perlino and for cremello horses in a world without Spanish. I have a very horse-savvy culture (think Fauxsacks and Nongols) with 64* sacred colors of horses, and they uinderstand the (practical aspects) of coat color genetics pretty well. (An impossible perlino colt is a plot point, you see.) 

Obviously, one of those colors is "Ghost," but what is other? If I say "ghost-bay," and "ghost-sorrel," will that be enough of a clue to horsey people what I'm talking about? (I can describe the color, for non-horsey people.)

There will be a brief pause while I figure out what the 64 sacred colors are... fortunately, horses come in an awful lot of fucking colors. And I can divide them into eight groups of 8.

*Horses** have four legs, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and two teats.

**And by horse, the Nongols mean 'mare.'


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First word that comes to mind is Spectral, though that carries associations which may or may work with the intended reactions/associations you want to elicit.

Edit: ...though I can tell you what "book about horses" and this post in general elicits in me. And that is "WANT!". =)

Edited at 2010-08-04 03:53 pm (UTC)
Maybe. I think Phantom is the name for a different color, however...
Fairly random comments -

Is ghostly pallor culturally appropriate? (My frame of reference is mostly Kazak, and I'm only pulling up Chinese ghost stories, though there is that excellent bit about the hero who was dying all alone, without anyone to sing his death song... and then his horse sang it.)

They are going to know cream. They will be intimately acquainted with any variety of dairy products, in fact. (And that lovely vitamin C in the mare's milk... pay me no mind, revising and brain blown...)

They will also know frost, and other varieties of ice, probably better than they'd like. (I am remember a comment from a teacher about how ice storms are when you really can lose most of a herd, quickly.)

They will also know translucent preparations of leather....

Oh, back to revising.

Ghosts are thematically appropriate (the book title is Range of Ghosts, after all) and I think I am in love with the ghost story you just mentioned--link?

Mare's milk is indeed great stuff. Of course, you have to ferment it, or risk Temujin's Revenge...
if I remember correctly, don't the perlinos have a darker hair color? I think it's as if everything is the same color-wise between the perlino and the cremello except for the mane and tail colors.

So, while the cremello might be the pure ghost/cream color, the perlino is the shaded/tinted/ghost/cream color. The ghost with the titian hair, so to speak.

Unfortunately, I haven't a clue if that helps.
Perlinos are double-dilute bays (buckskins are dilute bays).

Cremellos are double-dilute chestnuts. (Palominos are single-dilution)
I had no idea horses came in so many colors.

Um, wow. That was an education.
As a semi-horsey person, it works for me. So would mist-sorrell or fog-sorrell, for something less eerie.
fortunately, horses come in an awful lot of fucking colors. Most of which are some variety of brown.
*laughs* As a horse person myself, I second this.
Seems like Cream and Smoke would be words that could be used, but that may be obvious.
Yeah, but those are different colors. *g*
I say, go down to the paint store and get some color swatches, they have the most amazing color names going on.

I thought you also needed help clearing moss trolls out of the yard... salt or beer would help that..
And by horse, the Nongols mean 'mare.'

Well, really. Mares are the valuable ones....
I think "ghost-bay," and "ghost-sorrel" work great.
The things that come to mind are "ghost" as above, especially for cremellos. Perlinos often have that reddish cast to their manes and tails, so perhaps something about a drop of blood in a cup of milk? (I'm not sure how you'd summarize that in a single word, especially if you already have blood as a theme for blood bays or red chestnuts.)

(I am so looking forward to reading this, by the way. Horse and Mongol-obsessed, over here.)
Sunset does not say "white horse" to me...
Since you already have plenty of suggestions... this might help with the 64 colors. Although I love the chart the earlier person posted! :)


*is totally not addicted to customizing model horses*
Hah! Well, this is the best catwax ever...
I love the idea of ghost-bay and ghost-sorrel, though I know a breeder who calls her cremellos "sun-bleached." :)

Mainly, though, I am just super excited about a horse book. ^_^
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