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I'm grimly accumulating wordcount this morning (if I get 3K today, I will have 1/10 of a book!) and I have a Moss Troll Problem.

So: Horsey people on my internets: I need a term for perlino and for cremello horses in a world without Spanish. I have a very horse-savvy culture (think Fauxsacks and Nongols) with 64* sacred colors of horses, and they uinderstand the (practical aspects) of coat color genetics pretty well. (An impossible perlino colt is a plot point, you see.) 

Obviously, one of those colors is "Ghost," but what is other? If I say "ghost-bay," and "ghost-sorrel," will that be enough of a clue to horsey people what I'm talking about? (I can describe the color, for non-horsey people.)

There will be a brief pause while I figure out what the 64 sacred colors are... fortunately, horses come in an awful lot of fucking colors. And I can divide them into eight groups of 8.

*Horses** have four legs, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and two teats.

**And by horse, the Nongols mean 'mare.'
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