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buy us a little time to do our job

3000 words on Range of Ghosts today, which gets me to 10,000 words, or the mythical tenth of a book! Which makes me feel very very happy, because it's a significant milestone. And I like what I'm writing. I even stopped at a spot where I feel like I know what happens next.

I have a character I introduced that I need to make a lot more awesome on the next draft--I think I need to make her funny, because funny is the easiest way to get awesome. Although I've got a spot reserved for a fabulous character-endearing scene. I just need to figure out what she can do that will make her adorable.

I somehow did all that and also managed to figure out sixty-four sacred horse colors. Maybe this will be one of the easy ones... nah.

Now, since it's too hot to eat supper, I'm watching some television and contemplating my navel.

For those of you who have not heard, Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8 today. Of course it will be appealed, but before any stay can go into effect, marriages are happening.

And in other news, for those of you at my latitude and points north who have clear skies tonight and darkness at the appropriate hours, apparently the Northern Lights are expected to come south of their usual haunts this evening.

Have a very good evening.
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