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free ourselves from all that hate.

I'm just waiting for the toast to kick in so I can have the blood sugar to go back to beating my head against Range of Ghosts. Current thing bugging me about The Book: I can't decide where to switch POVs. Do I want to jump back and forth between these two a couple of times before they meet, or do I want to do the thing where I follow one for a hundred pages and then the other for a hundred pages? (Once they meet, it will be POV of convenience, which also makes me lean towards the shorter jumps.)

I tend to hate that latter technique, because I get invested in somebody and then I have to wait ages to get the next bit about them. But as we all know, I am a Bear of very short attention span, and I like scenes that get in, get dirty, and get out--and I know some people prefer to wallow a bit in a narrative, as in a nice warm bath.

This book has Very Long Chapters, too. So far, Chapter One is a truepennyesque 12,000 words. Which means I need ten chapters to write the whole book, if I go up to my max wordcount.

Oh well, I guess I'll write it how it comes out and see which way it works better once I have more stuff. This is, after all, what I have an editor for.

Now: 1200 words or bust.
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