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there are roses that come without seeking. there are the ones that i have to sow.

I kind of love my female protagonist, Samarkar, in this book. She's older than the male protagonist, ruthless and wounded, capable and solid. I suspect she's going to become the Character Most Like Me since Matthew: I can already feel her solidifying. Temur, the male lead, by comparison, is much more unformed. Like he's still waiting for the world-cow to lick him into shape.

Which is logical, because he's much younger. Eighteen or nineteen and still finding himself, where Samarkar has been through the fire once or twice already. And licking young characters into shape is just one of the many things that fiction in the form of the Interminable Quest Fantasy is for.

I'm hoping readers will let me get away with a certain number of cut-scenes in omniscient. Because I would like to have the only two POVs in this book (possibly in the trilogy) be Temur and Samarkar. But there's stuff I need to show (including the doings of a mute monk) that occurs where neither of them is present.

Of course, the obvious solution here is the omniscient narrator. And it's not like I've ever been sky about mixing POV before... my first book has 1st, 3rd limited, and 3rd objective. It is a tool I like to play with, rather a lot.

So I've got that decision pending, and one about how this wizard's initiation is going to play out (the result, I mean--there are two possibilities with very different story results, and I dunno what I want).

I love this book. Did I mention that? It's so nice to be working on a book I am totally crushed out on for a change.

Words today: ~2000
Words total: ~17000
Mean things today: Journeyman Wizard anxiety dreams, wicked stepmothers, the possibility of sacrifice in vain
Darling: Because she would live, she knew she could not avoid her brother forever.
Jury-rigging: Scene? You're lovely, and full of juicy tension and character development, but you need to grow some momentum and an arc. And a point, please. Thank you.

Also, a gorgeous cool night has followed a beautiful day. I think I'm going to go enjoy it in the approved fashion--by sleeping the hell out of it. Good night, Internets.
Tags: eternal sky, progress notes, range of ghosts
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