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i'm on tape decks all over hell.


Well, that was a really, really good, really really exhausting day.

So I got up at 7 (meant to get up at 6) and took the dog for a 2.2 mile run. Came home, showered, roomie made eggs with onions and cheese, I made toast, we threw our climbing gear into the car and headed out to Killingly for the Ragged Mountain Foundation annual picnic. Climbed some things, failed to climb some other things, ate an enormous picnic lunch, swam a quarter mile or so, drove home, bought peaches and a local cantaloupe along the way, let the dog out.

There will be a shower before bed to get the lake mud off.

Now I am curled up on the couch with my laptop Daphne and no intention to ever eat again, and I'm very glad I have nowhere to be tomorrow and plan to keep it that way.

Next job: breaking 20K on this novel before I watch Leverage. See you on the flop side, internauts.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, quotidiana

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