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bear by san

December 2021



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rengeek kit icarus

and these three men made a solemn vow: john barleycorn must die

1) Abby Franquemont, Respect the Spindle
2) Phil and Kaja Foglio, Girl Genius vol. 7
3) Amanda Downum, The Bone Palace (draft)
4) Katherine Addison, The Goblin Emperor (draft)
5) Carrie Vaughn, Kitty's House of Horrors
6) Gene Wolfe, The Sorcerer's House
7) Robin Hobb, Dragon Keeper
8) Jon Evans, The Executor
9) Graham Joyce, How to Make Friends with Demons
10) Adrian Phoenix, Beneath the Skin
11) John Weatherford, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
12) John Weatherford, Secret History of the Mongol Queens
13) John Man, Genghis Khan: His Life, Death, and Resurrection
14) John McPhee, Oranges
15) Jim Butcher, Changes
16) Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
17) Seanan McGuire, A Local Habitation
18) Janni Lee Simner, Thief Eyes
18) Laura Bickle, Embers
19) Tayari Jones, Leaving Atlanta
20) Malinda Lo, Ash
21) Molly Gloss, The Hearts of Horses
22) Kelly Parra, Graffiti Girl
23) Ian Tregillis, Bitter Seeds
24) Margaret Ronald, Wild Hunt
25) Dashiell Hammett, The Thin Man
26) Dashiell Hammett, Red Harvest
27) Eva Hornung, Dog Boy
28) John Bellairs, The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring
29) Elmore Leonard, Split Image
30) Brent E. Turvey, Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis
31) Dr. Robert Girod, Sr., Profiling The Criminal Mind: Behavioral Science and Criminal Investigative Analysis
32) Walter Mosley, Devil in a Blue Dress
33) Dolen Perkins-Valdez, Wench
34) Barbara Neely, Blanche on the Lam
35) Robin Hob, Dragon Haven
36) J. A. Pitts, Black Blade Blues
37) Carrie Vaughn, Discord's Apple
38) Galen Beckett, The Magicians & Mrs. Quent
39) Pat Cadigan, Tea from an Empty Cup
40) Jonathan Lethem, Gun, with Occasional Music
41) Paolo Bacigalupi, Ship Breaker
42) Greg Van Eekhout, Kid vs. Squid
43) Charles Stross, Glasshouse
44) Juhn Mann, Kublai Khan
45) Alayna Williams, Dark Oracle
46) Kelley Armstrong, Waking the Witch
47) Laura Bickle, Sparks
48) Marjorie Liu, A Wild Light
49) Nnedi Okorafor, Who Fears Death
50) Mark Hodder, The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack
51) Henning Nelms, Magic and Showmanship, a Handbook for Conjurers
52) Christopher Whitcomb, Cold Zero
53) Margaret Visser, Much Depends on Dinner

Only a thousand words on the Nongols today, which nevertheless got me to the top of Chapter 3. But a thousand words was all I was gunning for--I'm exhausted, and I've done gonzo work this past week. A little recharge time is indicated.

I could tell I needed to schedule in a light day, too, because of the sheer amount of catwaxing I accomplished this morning before I was able to force myself to settle in to work. It was all stuff that needed to get done (laundry, dishes, dog-time, errands, breadmaking) but normally I'd put it off until after the work. Not today.

The good news is, though, that now the work is done and so are the chores (okay, if I were really virtuous I would sweep the floor, but maybe I will do that before dinner instead.) and my tasks for the remainder of the day include dog-brushing, reading, and watching Leverage, because I didn't get around to it last night.

It's shaping up to be an absolute swelterfest out there--already 89 of our silly little American degrees. Humidity only 38%, thank god, and no sign of the threatened rain, which would just make it muggier at this point unless it settled in and stayed.

The good news is, it's well into August. And how the Hell did that happen?


I sympathize with you on the weather -- 91.4 and 59% here. I stay indoors as much as possible and console myself with the idea that soon it will be autumn.
We have humidity here, which is not going down as far as I can tell. I am contemplating moving to Iceland.
One of things I hope to do as soon as I get this book off my back is write my John Barleycorn story.

God help me, the thing insists it needs to be in Anglish.
I had not run across Anglish before. Thank you!
You're welcome? Given what a headache it's inflicting on me, I'm not sure I should be thanked for sharing. :-)

(Seriously, the process of subbing in Germanic-root words is not as easy as I thought at first. Sure, you can say "understand" instead of "comprehend," but what about the entire cluster of words having to do with memory? Remember, recall, recollect -- all Latin-based. I'm probably going to have to go with "past-thought." Gahhhh.)
Well, I am not a writer, so I can appreciate it from a distance, without having to be able to manipulate it.

Except now I want to study the damn thing.
I assume you've encountered "Uncleftish Beholding"?

I did a very limited form of this for the Grey Wolf's POV in the Edda books, but I wasn't at all religious about it. You're right. It's hard.

back-hearken? back-see?
Yup -- that was the first place I encountered it, actually, which is why for a long time I called the form Ander-Saxon instead of Anglish (Wikipedia claims Ander-Saxon is specifically for scientific writing).

I've done casual versions of it for things like "The Waking of Angantyr," but only on the level of replacing "ostracize" with "shun." Which was as much about the level of diction as it was linguistic roots. But my John Barleycorn story wants to be all experimental with language, and that's very nearly a first for me; a wacky prose stylist I am not. (Usually.)
Yeah. I wanted something invisible for the Wolf.