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collect your courage and collect your horse

I suppose I'm going to blame it on Range of Ghosts that my archery is improving. I'm sure having Temur in my head is helping*.

Or maybe I'm finally starting to get a clue about proper form, after all these years. I don't shoot often enough to get really good at it--not enough hours in the lifetime--but lately my consistency has been better, my point of aim has been better, and I'm getting inside the bow. At least, I'm getting much better at diagnosing my failings, which is really kind of nice. I can't always correct them, and I'm making plans to go in for a half-hour coaching session sometime soon, but at the very least I can identify them.

What I really need is for somebody to stand behind me and poke me with a fork every time I jerk the trigger on release.

Speaking of the book, 2000 words today and I got to page 100 (in a proportional font, even), which leaves me clear to go climbing in good conscience. I've gotten to the end of Chapter Three, Temur is well and truly screwed, and if I can get to the end of Chapter 4 I'll have all my protagonists in the same place and I'll be able to start seriously moving forward. Not that it's not moving forward already: this thing is a juggernaut, and I'm still really enjoying the ride.

Books like this one, the ones that cooperate in their writing, are a rare and wonderful thing. When they come along willingly, all you can do is enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

I suppose it's too much to hope that the whole trilogy will settle in and be willing... but I am, nonetheless.

Good book! Biscuit!

*I'm sure that my improved upper body strength isn't hurting either, but shh.
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