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they laid him out in dirty sheets

Noted without comment.

Okay, two comments. One: I'm amused by the possibly unintentional link between Chinggis Khan and the Moscow song, because As You Know, Bob, that's a Casatchok step kind of, and the Cossacks claim descent from Mongols and Tatars via the Golden Horde. (ashacat and I like to claim we're related through great-great Grandaddy Genghis. It's funny because it's quite possibly true*.)

Two: Using your hands to Casatchok is cheating. It's a display of virility and the strength of those thighs you get from 14 hours a day on horseback.

*That is to say, possibly in my case. In hers, it's definitely true.
Tags: genghis khan: everybody's culture hero, german pop: still weird

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