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i can't sleep safely in the city

2000 words of Range of Ghosts completed, bringing the book to 33,000 words: the mythic third of a book. And a big thing is about to happen, which I am very excited about. I'm hoping if I kick the second act off hard enough, it will have momentum to carry me through The Dreaded Middle Of The Book, and then there will be just the running-downhill part to deal with. I hope. If this book gives me the running-downhill part. Chill and Grail were both deadly slogs to the end.

However, since it's been 14 days without a break, and I have a third of the book done, which puts me well ahead of schedule, I'm giving myself the weekend off. I don't think I've written a book this fast since By the Mountain Bound, which I wrote in like twenty days or something.

I'm worried about running out of pages before I run out of plot. I was hoping to bring this bad boy in between 100-110K, though its contracted maximum is 120. I still might--it always seems like I can get more into a novel than I think I should be able to.

In other news, casacorona informs me that she's started reading the latest wolf book. I shall endeavor not to chew my fingernails too much until I hear back what she things of it.
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