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the worst are full of passion without mercy

Yesterday, I wrote about 3,000 words of Range of Ghosts. Today, I have no clue how much I'm going to write, but it would be nice if it too were a good big chunk. (3000 words a day is about the most I can do sustainably, and I cannot always even manage that.)

Anyway, yesterday Samarkar whipped out higher mathematics at a crime scene, and my love for her crystallized. I have a serious kink for science!wizards. As you may have noticed.

Today, if I am virtuous, I may make it to the tiger. TIGER! 

This book is being very good about both keeping the cool coming, and providing me with enough ideas for the next day's writing without having to stare into space and make snuffling noises for long periods of the day. It's kind of a romp, really.

Meanwhile, I have Inside Information that the copy-edited manuscript for Grail is coming back to me soon, as apparently Spike, my illustrious copyeditor baron_elric's polymorphously polydactyl cat, is done with it.

Spike is something of a character, as you can see here:

And now, once I wash my hair, back to the word mines.
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