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bear by san

March 2017



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writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luck

the sky is big and my life is small

One of my projects for the forseeable future is figuring out what the Assassisn'ts' sky looks like*. And also what the Assassisn'ts are actually called when their creator isn't being flip about them, and overgeneralizing. Although I did name a primary antagonist today, so that's some positivew action.

And I wrote 2,000 words, and got to the tiger. Tomorrow, I get to write the tiger, and possibly advance the plot.

I like the tiger a lot.

* The sky actually is a different color in their world. Well, kinda.


Tigers are the best. I got a tiger on my cover. (And lots more tiger in vol three what-you-have-not-yet-read.)
Eeee! Tigery! Yay!

This one is eight feet tall, invisible at will, and very sarcastic.
Cheshire tiger! (With a grin?)

And an excuse for me to use this icon!
Rar! I found an awesome page of tiger sounds:


#12 is my favorite.
Ooh - does it have chuffing? (I have no sound on this computer, so cannot check - but I love tigers when they chuff.)
It has many good things!
You make me wish I'd had a video camera with sound--a few years ago, before they remodeled and turned the space into a meerkat exhibit, the MN zoo had a "display cage" as part of the tiger complex, and they'd rotate the tigers through so everybody got to be on exhibit once in a while. My sister and I spent a delightful ten minutes or so chatting and chuffing with a young male tiger, until he was distracted by potential prey (some other people passing by including one in a wheelchair).

*happy sigh*
I can dust off what I remember about atmospheric chemistry and look up back issues of Icarus if you need anything, but it might not be needed for a fantasy world where people aren't trying to make detailed lists of atmospheric gases.
;-) This is the kind of place where gods ride chariots across the sky. So yeah. But thank you!
Oh, those are beautiful!
Nifty, thank you!