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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

It's 4:10 in the morning. Do you know where your ebear is?

My birthday present from the boy arrived yesterday. 72 ink cartridges for the Parker pen that my mother gave me, in six different colors. Viva la Levenger. I love fountain pens. And now I can write in chocolate-brown ink, if I so desire!


I am sooooo sleepy. I have to go put my pants on in a minute, and it's almost as much as my life is worth. Heck, just dragging myself out of bed was hideous. I went to bed around ten. The dog was snoring. He's been in an Elizabethan collar because of a hot spot on his head. It acts like the speaker cone on a stereo. *g* This dog weighs 230 lbs, by the way.

I got out of bed to go straighten his neck out, and felt something wet on his neck when I did. Sigh. He'd managed to give himself a *second* hot spot, this one on his neck, where the edge of the Elizabethan was touching his skin. Much hydrogen peroxide later, and he's now frolicking around the house stark naked! Scandalous, I tell you! Scandalous!

I just hope he doesn't take advantage of his nudity to tear his head open again.

Part of the problem is that the Elizabethan has to be specially modified for him, as the biggest one they make is 30 inches and that one won't close around his neck. So it has to be kind of--excavated--so he can breathe, and the edge of one of the excavations got pressed inwards against his skin, rubbing him raw. Poor baby.

And of course he was too brave to complain about it.

The upshot being that after the dog was doctored, I got to sleep closer to midnight than not. And now I am about to be late to work, so I must post this and go....

...and I wonder why I'm finding it hard to find the energy for writing.


Whoa. Cole pounced on me at 5:15am and I thought that was early. It's not so much the 35 lbs of keeshond as it is the fluff up my nose.

Nice present! And very nice icon.
Yeah, it's a good thing I'm superhuman. :-P
Great picture of you on the comments page.

What's a hot spot?
I'm so much more attractive in that photo than in real life. *g*

A hot spot is a skin infection.
You may differ all you like.

Knowing you, dear heart, I'm not sure I could put a stop to it. *g*

230 pounds!!!!

I'd hate to meet up with that bruiser in a dark alley.

Neither one of my dogs weighs over 10 lbs.

Nice icon. I love the red in your hair.


Re: 230 pounds!!!!

Thank you! It's that dawg there--

Now if I can just lose 30 pounds, I'll look like that again. *g*

I'm actually considering going back to that haircut: I've gotabout two feet of hair now, and I like it, but I'm also bored with it.....

By the way--Go Ken! Write write write!
Poor ridiculously oversized puppy!

And yay fountain pen! I loved my fountain pen. I miss my fountain pen. ::sniffle::
Fountain pens rock. Obviously somebody needs to get you one for Channukah or Solstice or something. *g*

Yes, the doggie very happy to be frolicking about nude. He hates the Big Plastic Hat. He thinks he's just the right size, though.
It's true. Pens are wondrous and good and we love them a lot. More and more and more every day. *g*