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at lincoln park the tide was turning, was turning

Via Making Light, a very cool Viking-era reconstruction page. I'm pretty sure that a number of readers of By the Mountain Bound and A Companion To Wolves have wondered what, exactly, a lot of this stuff looks like...

Here's a page that has a detailed description of longhouse architecture and furnishings, including the bed-closets I referred to as "niches" in By the Mountain Bound. The longhouses commonly seen in both books, I should point out, are much bigger than these--more on the Beowulf model of a fortification for a war-band than a farmer's household (a heall rather than a croft, in other words), although there's a fairly detailed description of a small longhouse with a sleeping loft and livestock accomodations in By the Mountain Bound.

One of the fun things about the Iskryne books (of which A Companion to Wolves is the first) is that they take place at a point in history where the longhouses and their associated stockades are giving way to more modern stone keeps, which--being stone in the era before the flying buttress and the vault--demand smaller rooms with many support walls, or great halls that are a forest of columns. It's probably pretty obvious by now that I have a Thing for fantasy in which history and technology are not static for thousands of years (usually between the Past Catastrophe and the Current Coming Of The Chosen One (with optional Dark Lord metastasis)) but rather change and evolve.

Also, there's a lot of talk about bathhouses.

And here's a thing I did not know: "In the old language, blár probably meant a dark blue-black, and the sagas distinguished the color blár from the color svartr. Blár is the color of a raven, whereas svartr is the color of a black horse."

I shall be making use of that factoid. Never you fear.
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