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sleeping on a razor there's nowhere left to fall

Whew. A bunch of work on Range of Ghosts this morning, a mid-day filled with errands and chores and pleasant social obligations, and then got to page 250 on the wolves in the rewrite. It's not the easiest revision I've ever done--that was Scardown, which I did in two hours snatched from the middle of a gaming convention--but really, I guess we did okay. I found a couple of continuity errors and fixed those, and I've been vacuuming some word rep, but other than that we're doing very well.

Word is that the Grail copy-edited manuscript lands tomorrow. I think I will put that off until I get through this pass of An Amphibrach* of Men, because I think I can only hold two novels in my head at one time and do either one justice.

Range of Ghosts is still mostly cooperating.

Oh, and I just agreed to pinch-hit a short story for an anthology that's coming in short. By year's end.

Where's that other shoe?

*What, you're surprised that I'm a nerd?

Tags: eternal sky, iskryne, jacob's ladder, progress notes, range of ghosts, with my manuscript or on it

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