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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

a white blank page and a swelling rage

So tired. Possibly I work too hard. Possibly I play too hard.

Possibly I need to be twins.

Anyway, in a minute here I head out for dinner and jukido, in that order. A good working day today--I finished my pass on An Amphibrach of Men, which now has a new and improved title--The Tempering of Men. I like it. It works on a lot of levels, and everybody seems happy with it.

Also, 2400 words on Range of Ghosts. Samarkar and Temur are in the same scene now, and bickering. I expect the rest of the book will pretty much be just about that: walking and bickering, bickering and walking, broken up by the occasional swordfight or stunning revelation.

Really wish I wasn't so damned tired.

Still and all, this book is going *down*. In like the forseeable future and everything.


Possibly I need to be twins.

As near as I can tell, they only cooperate in the pursuit of evil.
You know, your enthusiasm for Range of Ghosts is making me really, really keen to read this book. Also it sounds right up my street. Looking forward to it in however many moons it becomes available :)
Heh. Easy way to rest both brain and body is to cuddle with a cat.

When practicing this prescription, I always get a double dose, but alas not the all-curing triple. I can get two of the cats to curl up on lap and feet, but not all three. They think they can't all fit on the recliner with me. Silly cats.
I still don't get what was wrong with "reckoning." It seemed like a nice crunchy title to me.

... but never mind, I'm not supposed to be on the internet now anyway ...
How do you manage jukido after dinner without some sort of rebellion from your body?
Um. I've never had a real problem with food and exercise, unless I overeat.
Go, go, go! When that book goes down, we shall all cheer. Then we shall all make sure we'll be able to read it as soon as it comes out. :-)