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a white blank page and a swelling rage

So tired. Possibly I work too hard. Possibly I play too hard.

Possibly I need to be twins.

Anyway, in a minute here I head out for dinner and jukido, in that order. A good working day today--I finished my pass on An Amphibrach of Men, which now has a new and improved title--The Tempering of Men. I like it. It works on a lot of levels, and everybody seems happy with it.

Also, 2400 words on Range of Ghosts. Samarkar and Temur are in the same scene now, and bickering. I expect the rest of the book will pretty much be just about that: walking and bickering, bickering and walking, broken up by the occasional swordfight or stunning revelation.

Really wish I wasn't so damned tired.

Still and all, this book is going *down*. In like the forseeable future and everything.
Tags: iskryne, progress notes, range of ghosts

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