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you think not telling is the same as not lying don't you

I'm late starting work today because I decided to make muffins before I settled in for words--because I knew if I put it off until after, we would never get muffins.

I used cvillette's recipe, except I wanted to use up the beets from the CSA, so they are beetroot muffins. (I had beet greens with poached eggs for breakfast.) Other recipe modifications: I subbed in a cup of almond butter for half of the yogurt and half of the butter; I added a half-cup of rolled oats; I didn't have dark brown sugar so I replaced it with turbinado sugar and a tablespoon of molasses; I used four cups of food-processed beets; I used half regular whole wheat and half all-purpose flour; and I used 2 tsp of vanilla and 1 tsp of almond extract and used ginger and cardamom and cinnamon and allspice as seemed good to me. Baking time is closer to 30 minutes in my oven, and because these muffins are bulky due to bursting with many! healthy! things.

They're delicious, and probably even slightly healthy. And they're beautiful, see? I bet there are kids that would eat those just because of the pretty.

muffins  2010 08 23 001

I also did laundry and washed dishes. Because that's just the glamour of which my life consists. Later, I need to go to the bank.

In other news, we've finally got some desperately-needed rain here, after a dry, hot summer. And we might get more, because it seems to be coming in waves. And I need to go work on Range of Ghosts now. At 50K, I'm taking a break to do my Grail CEM, which needs to be home Sept 3.

Still planning to sleep through December. But the deadline stress has eased a lot: I've already accomplished the impossible this year: the highly unlikely should be a snap.  
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