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a young girl hocks her wedding rings

Climbed better tonight, but not great. Officially strained the ring-finger pulley tendon in the palm of my left hand, which means that I have to tape the hand up in a bizarre series of figure 8s to support the tendons while they heal (but I have pretty pink and yellow sports tape!) and it means that I can't completely rely on my left hand to take my weight, especially on a crimpy hold.

Still, got up a new hard route (probably a 9+) and did some other challenging things. Going back on Wednesday. I really need to make sure I'm climbing at least twice a week; otherwise I backslide. And thrice is better, if I want to make progress.

Pretty sure I had something else to say, but I guess not.

I have not, for my sins, gone for a run in two weeks; tomorrow that needs to change, or I'm going to lose all my cardio condition. And that, likewise, would be sad. (Well, I did go paddling on Saturday; that counts a little.) Anyway, tomorrow morning is supposed to be cool. I get up, dammit, and I run. Then I come back here and write 2000 words of Range of Ghosts before I have to go pick up the CSA.

I'm at 48,000 words. In a minute here, I'm going to see if I can kill another 2000 by bedtime, because half a book would be a good thing to sleep on. (Actually, I'm pretty sure this sucker is going to run to 120K, but 50K is still the psychological Half A Book point.

And I can see it from here.

All right. Mush, you huskies. A cold wind is howling in the night.

Tags: eternal sky, falling off perfectly good rocks, range of ghosts

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