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this loneliness is contagious. another damn song about a waitress.

I may have succeeded in getting up to run this morning, but now I'm sleepy. And of course I have to go pick up the CSA in a couple of hours.

However, I did get four or five pages of Range of Ghosts done this morning, bringing me to ~51,000 words. And as soon as I can figure out what the wizard headmaster wants to talk to the nomad about, we can move on with the sack of the palace.

Fortunately, I have a long drive in which to think about it. So right now I'm going to go have a sammich and a nap, and read the SciAm that's sitting on the kitchen table before my roomie steals it.

Tonight's vegetable preserving extravaganza has me hoping to put up some pepperoncinis.
Tags: eternal sky, progress notes, range of ghosts

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