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i am the last one you'd ever suspect of setting the fire

It has been eleven days since my last weekend.

1500 words last night and today, and it seems to be time to take a break for a bit. The novel stands at 55,500 words, which is really quite good--I am way ahead of schedule, and can afford to relax a bit and take the book as it offers itself, rather than walking it Spanish through the draft.

I also have enough other work right now that I don't feel too guilty about walking away for a bit. Right now, the problem I'm having is that I know how to maneuver the characters through the plot, but I don't actually understand the problem they are facing well enough to allow them to have anything but vague, oblique conversations about it--which is generally a sign that the book needs to go back in the cooker for a bit. Because my backbrain needs to figure out what's going on, and it needs to be more ominous.

Maybe I need some villain cut-scenes. I named a villain today. Now I need to understand him and the way the world works so my plot is something other than a handwaved excuse to send the heroes tromping the countryside.

Anyway, that's a problem for another day. I'm going to eat my lunch (red meat and broccoli from the garden, because apparently I am craving those things) and then I'm going to go sign signature sheets and watch Netflix until I'm out of one or the other. After that, starting the CEM if there's time before archery.

It almost feels like I have this under control.

That won't last, though.
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