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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu get plastered

no man is free who works for a living. but i'm available.

Well, I had to link this: I have the perfect icon for it.

I think it's missing a whole bunch of drinking, though. Illya gets through at least three bottles of wine over the course of "The See Paris and Die Affair" alone. And then there's all that slivovitz in Terbuf....

Someday, when my dvds come home from their extended peregrinations around the nation, I may actually watch them again.

Why yes, I am supposed to be working on the copy-edited manuscript for Grail.


I loved how the UNCLE DVDs came in a spy case.
"I wonder what Ducky looked like when he was younger."

"A lot like Illya Kuryakin.:
Hahaha! I was going to post that!
That one had me spluttering wine across the living room... (OK, now that Numb3rs is gone and, CM may have jumped an entire ocean of sharks, what's left to watch that I'll actually care about? Gave up on Bones a long time ago...) (Now that I've gotten the "limited basic" cable package, with local broadcast channels plus a couple others, I'll at least be able to watch PBS again - the conversion from analog to digital meant that I no longer could receive the local PBS station. At all. I was really not happy.) (Oh, and the local cable package has two local PBS stations, Seattle and Bremerton, and they don't always have the same programming at the same time...)
Hee. I am glad they have a good berth, even if I sometimes miss them....
It's pretty awesome.

I mean, there are terrible bits. But there is also a fair amount of distilled awesome.
That was delicious, and is being added to my list of things to watch when I need to smile.

I may celebrate my promotion by buying the set, because I don't think I've watched the show since its first run (or perhaps in syndicated reruns).
It still makes me terribly happy.
The memory is very fuzzy, but I remember Ilya Kuryakin demonstrating virtuosity in draining most, if not all, of a bottle in one pull. Shortly thereafter I tried to emulate the procedure with a bottle of soda. The results were neither pretty nor pleasant. (What can I say? It was the sixties, and I was not yet a teenager.)

I loved that show, back in the day, though I saw far too little of it.

I did read all the books--except for the very last one, published only in a limited run by someone in LASFS. I tried to arrange to get a copy at, I think, Denver WorldCon in the early eighties, but the book never reached me, and I was never able to find my receipt. The hazards of cons a long way from home. *sigh*
Netflix now has all four seasons.



Yeah, don't try to do what Illya does. It will only get you hurt.
Thanks for the link--and the reminder. I just might have to pull out my videos of the series. Haven't upgraded to DVD's, but the episodes are just as good on tape, of course. I had the books and the pistol set as a kid.
Sadly, the VHS collection is only a fraction of the episodes. But yes, they never stop being awesome.