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you'll be a cautionary tale of the boy who couldn't fly

This is why online writer's groups are helpful: study dates. Sometimes whining about the book leads to solutions, or at least an acknowledgement of the problem, as in today, when stillsostrange and I were writing at each other:

[12:36] Bear: well, I just decided to leave all my crappy on the nose expo for another dfraft
[12:36] Bear: when I am not explaining the plot to myself.

And also:

[11:55] Bear: I am perhaps too fond of having conversations interrupted by Plot.
[11:55] Badger: heh
[11:55] Bear: But it does save on finding exit lines

Also, I had the terrifying realization today that my worldbuilding in this book implies--nay, demands--the functional equivalent of Kzinti Sith Lords. Or--

[11:31] Badger: Kitties!
[11:32] Bear: Sith Lord kitties.
[11:32] Badger: So...kitties
[11:32] Badger: but with more force-choking

...anyway, I got two thousand words out of the way. I considered going for three, because that gets me to 60K, but you know, a girl has to set limits on her compulsive behavior. So the assassination attempt and the claustrophobia will have to wait for tomorrow.
Tags: eternal sky, progress notes, range of ghosts
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