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bear by san

March 2017



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Oh and also:

Here's a Greasemonkey script that will disable those ()*&)(*&)*(& Facebook/Twitter crosspost boxes on livejournal.

Also, I will not be crossposting, if anybody wondered.

(Edited to clarify: it just takes the option out of your browser: it does not prevent other people from crossposting comments. Though why anybody would want to read a crossposted comment out of context is a mystery to me. Oh livejournal, try not to suck so much, please?)


Thank you.
To be clear, it doesn't disable the boxes, it just hides them from your view. Anybody commenting on your journal can still crosspost their comment. :-(
Yes, sorry. I don't post friendslocked things.
No worries, I just didn't want anyone seeing this to be misled.
excellent, looks like it worked.
LJ is allowing people to crosspost to twitter and failbook. Including comments on flocked entries.
i'm trying to track to a source for this (reposting replies to flocked entries by default) -- i got a flurry of emails this morning but so far my inquires all lead back to "one of my friends said you could do it". i want something to be able to point to when i email lj. -- danke
This user tested to see if a comment from someone else's locked post would crosspost and found that it did.
If you use Firefox as your browser, there is a program called greasemonkey that allows you to tweak its function. With the new Facebook/Twitter crossposting policy that Livejournal announced yesterday, someone wrote a program that will hide the Facebook and Twitter check buttons that will appear at the bottom of every comment (so that the writer can crosspost to their Facebook or Twitter account) so that they are not accidentally checked.

The Livejournal post is at http://news.livejournal.com/129190.html

Edited at 2010-09-01 07:00 pm (UTC)
meanwhile...if you don't give it your facebook/twitter logins to begin with (over in account/settings where you check those tickys above choosing posts and/or comments), the two checkboxes below where you write posts or comments are grayed out and can't be checked by mistake. no greasemonkey required.

just sayin'.

Edited at 2010-09-02 12:53 am (UTC)
I have not given it my fb or twitter, and they were not grayed out for me. It's possible it picked up the logins from my other ongoing sessions.

Which pisses me off, if true.
yoiks! yeah that would seriously irk me as well. hrm.
I haven't given it my fb settings and just tried replying before and after logging onto fb, greyed out in both cases. But I'm using Opera and I suppose that doesn't rule out the possibility it's harvesting logins in other browsers, certainly some of the other settings stuff comes up with 'not currently supported in Opera'.
I have been looking in at the trainwreck that is that news post. The biggest concern is that people can crosspost their comments in friends-locked posts to their Facebook or Twitter and the original poster has absolutely no say and much privacy to lose.
From what I understand, the FB post will be the comment that was written and a link back to the original post. If that post is locked non-friends won't be able to see the post. They *will* be able to see the contents of the comment referring to the post with possible private information that is being responded to.

I have made efforts to keep FB and LJ separate. Many people have. This has the potential of blowing all of that out of the water.
AFAIK, it means that comments you make in other people's journals won't be crossposted to your Facebook account by default.

From what I've been reading elsewhere, there's no way to prevent people who comment on your friends-locked post from cross-posting their comment to Facebook and/or Twitter. People who can read the commenter's Facebook entries will be able to read the comment, see the title of the locked post, and click a link to be taken to it. However, they won't be able to read it unless they're an LJ friend of the original poster.

One reason people are concerned about this is that if the commenter includes a quotation from the locked post, that information will be published on Facebook. In addition, if the comment contains private information about the original poster, that will be public. So, if I create a flocked post saying "My boss is a total jerk and should be subjected to all manner of terrible things.", and someone quotes that in a comment, the quote will be published on Facebook. Or if the commenter doesn't quote you, but says "Wow, I'm sorry your boss is such a jerk. Are you sure you want all those terrible things to happen to him/her?", the comment will reveal indirectly information you wanted to be private.
I can understand wanting to post your journal entries. Sorta.

But do you want all your lj comments to be posted to your FB?
Sorry, I hadn't seen your (very useful!) image before i posted.

It only deals with *your* comments. Right now, everyone only has control over their own comments. Anything someone posts in your journal is up to their control, not yours. So if you make an f-locked post, they can still crosspost their comments to their FB.
Right. Your *entry* will not show for anyone who is not already granted access. But their *comment* will, and any quoting they do, as well as the URL of your entry.

Whether LJ staff are working on this or not depends on whether they care. There's a lot of upset, but that doesn't mean they'll do anything.
They now claim they are listening, at least. (Very recently -- on page 91 of the comments to the news post, I think.)
Please note that what I said above has been tested in multiple other journals. It's not speculation.