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so was the turnpike from stockbridge to boston

It's official. I'm taking a day off. I'm going to go read a book as soon as I finish watching last night's Rachel Maddow.

In other news, we're in the hurricane watch area, though odds are very good of us not getting much more than a glancing blow. I'm 40 miles inland, and the storm track is east of us; but this is a wonking big storm (230 miles in radius to the edge of the tropical storm force winds, and whoo, look at that thunderstorm cluster. Low pressure currently around 932 mb, which puts it in the range of Cat 5 Hurricane Donna, though still shy of Katrina's 902), so even if it misses by a wide margin, we're likely to get some wind and rain. So I'll be heading out in a bit to pick up bottled water and lamp oil, just in case. (Mission accomplished!) 

My poor tomatoes were really just socking in some beautiful fruit--all still green, of course. Pickled green tomatoes, anyone? Oh well, maybe they'll make it.

The Outer Banks, Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard are right in its sights, and it's regained category 4 status. It'll probably still be a cat 2 when it gets this far north. Oh East Coast barrier islands and peninsulas, thank you for taking the hit for the team. Be safe out there on the on the sand spits, guys.

Once it gets into that jet stream, it will accelerate strongly from its current leisurely 18 mph mosey.

Of course, depending on what the trough in the jetstream does, it could blow right up the Connecticut River, as Gloria did in 1985 and the "Long Island Express" famously did in 1938, when it sank Katharine Hepburn's Oscar. The odds of that are very slim, however, and I'm more aware of the possibility than concerned about it.

Of course, we have a freezer full of food.

Ahh, New England.
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