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desire burns a hole you'll never fill. and its hand like a stain is on you still.

2500 words today brings me to 70K on Range of Ghosts. And a scene I've been looking forward to for quite some time. As I was tweeting this morning, yes, I am working my ass off on a labor day weekend--but I'm also doing it in my slippers on the porch with the dog, on the most amazing September New England day.

This job has some perks. And now I have a warm glow of accomplishment. Soon, there will be a draft. And I even know how to turn it into a second draft, I think, since it had identified problems with tension and motivation. But that's just mechanics, I think. The story is coming together wonderfully.

So next I switch POV and write the other half of the scene I'm in. And decide if I need to kill anybody... 

Tomorrow might be a day off. There's supposed to be kayaking and climbing.
Tags: eternal sky, progress notes, range of ghosts

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