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bear by san

March 2017



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we have accomplished much.

Today, in a feat of somethingoranother, Alisa and The Jeff and I kayaked 15.759 miles down the Farmington River, from just over the Unionville town line into to Deepest Simsbury. I managed to get pinned sideways against a rock in the one decent rapids we attempted so the river filled up my kayak with water (also: lost the snacks! Oh no!) but once the boat was dumped, managed to finish the run without further mishap. Of course, that rapids isn't even *on* the paddling map we were using.

In the process, we saw many tutles, some freshwater shellfish drawing Nazca lines across the bottom, and a plethora of wildlife. Including a fabulous look at an osprey (who had a fish, and who scolded us mightily), so many blue herons we lost count (including one with an almost bluejay intensity to his coloring), two of whom vocalized (which I had never heard before), common merganser ducks, a large brownish/sandy-colored heron none of us could identify (it was perched high in a sycamore), a kingfisher, some russet-headed gray-bodied crested birds without the merganser white patches that we couldn't identify, and what we all swear was a black swan but could not really have been.

Now I'm quite tired, and am still deciding if I'm going to try to write anything. La.


Ooh, I wonder if the large sandy-colored heron was actually a sandhill crane--they're migrating right now.
Didn't see any red on it, and we don't get those here--but I did think of that.
Some people have imported Australian black swans -- had a pair on the pond near where my mother lived.
*envies* Despite living in a state that is at least half water, I have never seen an osprey. One of the buildings owned by the company I used to work for had an osprey nest out back on the shore of the pond--that would be the building that I didn't work in and indeed never even visited.
Woo: I am most impressed.
I initially read the decimal point as a comma, and was deeply, deeply impressed (not to mention wondering what planet you were on).
I have learned from painful annoying experience to (a) put anything I don't want soaked in a dry bag and (b) attach everything I don't want to lose either to me or to the boat. This doesn't prevent my tipping over and spilling stuff into the river, but it has prevented my losing and/or ruining the stuff I spill into the river.