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when our story's over we'll go where it's always spring

Despite yesterday's exertions, I managed to get out of bed at a reasonable hour today and take the dog for a walk. (walk, not run!). I've also done some dishes, started bread, and converted a red cabbage and some broccoli from the garden (mostly leaves--I only got tiny florets this year) into kimchi:

Kimchee 2010 09 07

Lactic acid fermentation is so much fun!

Now I am going to drink my coffee and write my words and wait for the bread (maple syrup wholemeal oatmeal--YUM) to be done, so I can eat a slice before I go pick up the farm share and make TBRE the tomato soup she's been asking for.

I did a Pinto Bean Experiment the other day and came up with something just like Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup, only not gross. I will so be trying that again. Because wow.

Interesting how much spending yesterday in physical activity has produced an uptick to my mood. Because lately I've been losing my cardio time to work, and we haven't been climbing enough, and in the past week I've noticed myself getting crabby and depressed and anxious. And now--I am restored. It's amazing how well exercise serves to regulate my brain chemicals, especially long, strenuous exercise.

277.1 miles to Mordor, with yesterday's paddling insanity.

All right, coffee break over. Back on your heads.  

ETA: Almost forgot to mention: three of my tomatoes are ripening! A couple more days... om nom nom.
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