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you can cherrypick a few embarrassing lunatics.

Best news of the day: casacorona has read through the revised text of The Tempering of Men, and the book is delivered. She says she loves it. Which, you know, yay!

It's very character-driven. I'm pleased it's working on other levels, too, because I know she wouldn't let it slip by if it wasn't.

1500 words on Range of Ghosts this morning. We're on to the next plot point, and once I get through this, there's only one more plot point and the climax. Manuscript stands at 74,000 words/333 pages. The end of the first draft is in sight.

Then I just have to go through and make it shine, add character motivations, crank up the tension... you know, the usual stuff. But revising, these days, is the fun part. Barring catastrophes, I am in fact going to hit all my deadlines this year. That? Is kind of fucking amazing.

It's a good thing I'm superhuman.

Alas not superhuman enough. The bad news is, I had another doctor's appointment today, and the borderline blood pressure refuses to respond to diet and exercise. So we're trying a low-dose beta blocker, and I'm becoming Ever More Determined to drop sixty pounds. Because really, my heart doesn't need to work that hard.

Further Discipline to follow. Which also means getting more religious about walking/jogging nearly every day. Which means sleep earlier, because the other way my body is celebrating turning 39 is by upping its terroristic demands for sleep by 90 minutes a night.

Really, meat? Five or six hours has been enough for you for twenty-five years, and NOW you change your mind?
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