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you don't know the fight is coming until you're swimming in it

I'm reading Christopher Beckwith's Empires of the Silk Road, for obvious reasons. He had me in the preface, with his two-page rant about why postmodernism sucks.

For which I already love him.

One thing I'm noticing lately is that I'm feeling like my secondary characters need more awesome. Writing is this iterative thing, where you keep going over things with finer and finer sandpaper. This month, I want everybody to stand out in colorful and wonderful ways. Challenging to do when you can't give every spear carrier a Crowning Moment of Awesome, or make them all quirky Billy Crystal tours-de-force.

But I will fix all that on the second draft. Right now, there is a PLOT to get through. Once that's in place, there's time for pretty and clever.

And I will get right on that, as soon as I go out and run around the block a few times.
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