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bear by san

March 2017



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ain't gwine to whistle dixie anymore

Apparently, I am not working today, on grounds of mental exhaustion. So I made cupcakes for tomorrow's pan-Virgo birthday party of the Local Clan.

I used this recipe, with some emendations--I subbed in half white whole wheat flour, added some of standuponit's Secret Ingredient (ancho/vanilla extract in white rum) and a little regular vanilla extract--also a couple of tablespoons of black cocoa. I also used bitter chocolate for the frosting, and just enough sugar to take the edge off the bitterness. Since I was baking cupcakes, I gave them 20 minutes at 350.

Just ate the first one warm from the wrapper. It was a religious experience.

Warning: they're not kidding about the size of this recipe. I got 24 cupcakes, plus a loaf cake, and I'm pretty sure at least a cupcake's worth of batter never made it into the oven. Ahem.

I am so very, very happy right now.



Happiness is a warm cupcake? Hee.
Amazingly detailed recipe. I plan to try it.
Stout cake is amazing. This recipe is just a little different than my usual. Think I might give it a try this afternoon. Thanks for the link.

ancho/vanilla extract in white rum

Mixing the extract and white rum together? Any suggestions on how much to add? Don't want to overwhelm that stout and chocolate. *g*
You put ancho peppers and vanilla beans in white run and soak 'em for at least a week, then use the rum as extract. A couple of teaspoons, say.


It doesn't overwhelm--the ancho is just enough to support the flavor of the chocolate.
I am all in favour of heavenly cupcakes. One of the pains of cons outside the US is the impossibility of bringing my cakes to them. (I don't take cake to UK cons either, but that's because the hotels don't like it. In the US, that isn't the issue.)

"Food porn" is an understatement! Just reading this made me happy and warm inside and out. And...ancho/vanilla extract?! 'Scuse me while I go buy some white rum. And some Guiness.
Thank you so much for that link! My husband's birthday was Saturday, so I made the cake. Now trying to convince him to take the remaining 4/5 of the cake to work.