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ain't gwine to whistle dixie anymore

Apparently, I am not working today, on grounds of mental exhaustion. So I made cupcakes for tomorrow's pan-Virgo birthday party of the Local Clan.

I used this recipe, with some emendations--I subbed in half white whole wheat flour, added some of standuponit's Secret Ingredient (ancho/vanilla extract in white rum) and a little regular vanilla extract--also a couple of tablespoons of black cocoa. I also used bitter chocolate for the frosting, and just enough sugar to take the edge off the bitterness. Since I was baking cupcakes, I gave them 20 minutes at 350.

Just ate the first one warm from the wrapper. It was a religious experience.

Warning: they're not kidding about the size of this recipe. I got 24 cupcakes, plus a loaf cake, and I'm pretty sure at least a cupcake's worth of batter never made it into the oven. Ahem.

I am so very, very happy right now.

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