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you see you hear these funny voices in the tower of song

Well, I meant to spend today working on Range of Ghosts, but instead there was a climbing expotition to Ragged Mountain. I managed to forget my shoes while swapping things from bag to bag, so I had to borrow a pair from The Jeff. Still completed two routes, one of them a screamingly brutal 5.9 face climb called "For Madmen Only" that wasn't all that mad, but was horrible in all the sketchy, crimpy, evil ways imaginable. (The other was Main Street, which is a 5.4 the way I am a statuesque blonde.)

It was a good day. Several of the guys from the gym met us at the crag, and we had plenty of ropes to choose from.

And now I have to try to do some work. Which may just be reading, because I am Le Tired.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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