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black birds frying on a wire

Well, up to page 213 and the top of Chapter 8 on Range of Ghosts. Yes, these are long chapters. Calling it a day at this point to get ready to go do Performing Author Tricks in Glastonbury.

The book still seems to be holding together well. I pulled out a paragraph that gave away too much too soon, and I'm cleaning up the characterizations and the geopolitics, but it seems to be working remarkably well. A little too well, perhaps. I think I need a Villain Cut Scene here; I've also got two places where I need to add half-scenes to make existing scenes do more work, but I'm still fussing with the edges.

Man, I'm sleepy.

"Tomorrow is a rest day!" And so on until after Viable Paradise, and the book is delivered, pretty much. Still planning to sleep through December.
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