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and i'm standing on ice when i say that i don't hear planes

Well, that went better than expected.

On this revision pass of the partial novel--mostly to go through and prune off false trails and abandoned plot threads so I can get the shape of the thing in my head to write the ending--Range of Ghosts is actually holding together much, much better than I anticipated. I have a bunch of little yellow bracket notes that say basically, [Insert a scene that does X or Y] and I have a clear shot to the end of the book. The plan is still, we hope, to get a more or less complete draft before I leave for VP a week from Friday. It may be rough, but that's what the last three weeks of October are for.

But having accomplished that task (heroically: got through the revision in three days), now I get to read the book I've been wanting to read since I got up this morning. Plan for the rest of the day: dinner with Mom, putting laundry away, making my bed, and maybe watching last night's Castle.

Oh, the glamour. Some days it makes my teeth itch.

Tags: eternal sky, progress notes, range of ghosts, the glamour!, the writer at work

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