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bear by san

March 2017



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true blood lafayette god save

and i'm standing on ice when i say that i don't hear planes

Well, that went better than expected.

On this revision pass of the partial novel--mostly to go through and prune off false trails and abandoned plot threads so I can get the shape of the thing in my head to write the ending--Range of Ghosts is actually holding together much, much better than I anticipated. I have a bunch of little yellow bracket notes that say basically, [Insert a scene that does X or Y] and I have a clear shot to the end of the book. The plan is still, we hope, to get a more or less complete draft before I leave for VP a week from Friday. It may be rough, but that's what the last three weeks of October are for.

But having accomplished that task (heroically: got through the revision in three days), now I get to read the book I've been wanting to read since I got up this morning. Plan for the rest of the day: dinner with Mom, putting laundry away, making my bed, and maybe watching last night's Castle.

Oh, the glamour. Some days it makes my teeth itch.


I'm sorry for your itchy teeth. But I still want to say: Hooray for relatively cooperative books, and for that icon. Don't we all love Lafayette the best?

Happy Birthday!!!

Am I mistaken, or is it a certain someone's birthday today? :-)

It goes against all reason that you're editing on your birthday, but if that is indeed the case, I do hope you had (and are still having) a wonderful day. Editing included. ::Grin::

Re: Happy Birthday!!!


Birthday is actually tomorrow, but THANK YOU.

(*And I will be editinbg then too. La.*)

And yeah, Lafayette. *sigh*

Re: Happy Birthday!!!

Hey, it's already 'tomorrow' here in .au!

*cheers and wishes you many happy returns*

I have a bunch of little yellow bracket notes that say basically, [Insert a scene that does X or Y]

I adore reading these insights to your writing process.

Also: *sympathies for the itchy teeth* They are a right terror.

Re: Happy Birthday!!!

When I was a baby writer, I would write scenes without knowing what structural purpose they served. Now, I have these places in the structure where scenes have to go, and I do not know what happens in them.


As for your Icon...

...it is tres cool!! I just adore Lafayette! Between him and Jesus, a bitch doesn't need to move to Bon Temps to get seriously turned around lol.
And sometimes, pleasantly, our writing holds up. Excellent.


Happy Birthday!

Today is the day in which the nation gathers together to celebrate the entry into the world of their most beloved author. Oh, and you too. KIDDING! (:

Nah, but seriously. Glad to see things moving along for you, and I hope you've had a chance to celebrate, at least a little.

Re: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday

The 22nd is reserved for the best births.

Re: Happy Birthday

Thank you.
Thank you!
birthday wish.jpg
Thank you!