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under the marble and the snow

Criminal Minds 6x01, "The Longest Night," written and directed by Edward Allen Bernero

Oh, Evil Sexy Leonard Cohen.

Kristen Spicer is kind of awesome. And Morgan is awesome, too. But we knew that.

And this is why cop cars have radios. See, the problem with the police is that they can call their friends. And some of their friends have helicopters.

And now I will let go of that plot point. Really.

Patient is combative.

"I'm all right." Drink!

"He headed around back before I could stop him." Heh. Why does THAT sound familiar?

"When it comes to family, common sense and procedure go out the window." Indeed, Hotch.

"The question is, Why don't I kill everybody?"

Go Prentiss!
Morgan, you might need a valium. Or six. Obviously the brain swelling is causing violent mood swings.

JJ WIN. "How hard could it be to work out?" Those test broadcasts were a fixture of my childhood. And she had fabulous endurance.

And Prentiss with the comforting gesture. Morgan's having a bad night.

Tim Curry is awesome. And so is Isabella Murad. Man, she gloats very well.

"Yes, Madam Secretary." Why do I suspect JJ is getting sharked by a different federal agency after this?

"On the completely safe assumption you're not talking about me--"  aww, Reid. Aww, Garcia. And purple stripes in her hair!

"The customer, ironically named John--"

Aww, Morgan and Garcia made me sniffle.

At least they managed to get JJ a crowning moment of awesome before she had to go.

Interesting, that. The totally telegraphed suicide by cop, and Morgan basically walking right into him, because he doesn't care. Yeah, Derek, the job gets to you sometimes, doesn't it? Interesting watching it wear down both him and Hotch--and interesting that this is the UNSUB nobody can find a way to empathize with. They can understand. But empathy is different, and they're out.

That was a killing in wrath, not in pity. And he was no more interested in the bad guy's self-examination that Reid was in "Damaged." There are limits to even angelic compassion, I guess.

Derek Morgan takes first place in the roll of the damned at 5.25. (Charm & Harm (split with Elle), Lessons Learned, Open Season (split with Prentiss), Legacy (split with Hotch, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Minimal Loss (three in the center of mass). Also, "Outfoxed," more or less in extremis. And a full audience participation suicide by cop in "Our Longest Night".

Aaron Hotchner, badass, in second place with 4.25 (The Tribe, A Real Rain, Legacy (split with Morgan, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Catching Out--and then he beat George Foyet to death with his bare hands in 100.).

Emily Prentiss, third place with either 2.75 or 2.25, depending on whether one of those offscreen gunshots in Open Season was actually hers, or if all three were Morgan's. I award her the kill because of her reaction on the plane afterward. The .25 is the other quarter of Charles Holcomb in Legacy, who went down like Frankie. The first 1 is the suicide-by-cop in "Lo-Fi." The second one is Dale Schrader in "Retaliation." Which could have been Morgan's kill, but I'm giving it to Emily because the hostage seems madder at her later.

Future vigilante killer Elle Greenaway: slips to fourth with 2.5 (Extreme Aggressor, Charm & Harm (split with Morgan), Aftermath)

The mild-mannered but deadly Dr. Spencer Reid, fifth place with at 2 (LDSK; Revelations)

JJ: 1, in Penelope. And RIGHT THROUGH THE FBI SEAL. Hello Symbolism Much? Also, three dogs and my eternal respect. She is 1:1 bullets:kills, at this juncture.

Rossi: in second-to-last place with 1, in his very first episode (About Face). Having established that he is a badass, he has never badassed since. ("Welcome to the Enterprise. Would you like to beat up my Klingon?")

Garcia still doesn't kill people.

Gideon has never discharged his weapon. However, he has beaten somebody all to hell with a clubbed shotgun.

And of course, various shootings perpetrated by unsubs, victims, the families of unsubs, the families of victims, cops of the week, snipers, random bystanders, cultists, lovelorn teenagers, and Frank Miller's ego....


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I did love the episode, but I thought the ending was too easy. We've spent two episodes talking about what a psychopath Flynn is (and what do we make of the fact that Billy Flynn is the skeezy lawyer character in Chicago?), and all it takes is JJ talking about moms to make him give up and cry and suicide-by-cop? That just doesn't sound right to me. Either the team had the profile all wrong (or Morgan did, at least), or something's up.

Because I am a suspicious thing, I'm curious that although we saw Flynn go down, we never got the usual shot of the dead unsub, or shot of the unsub being carried out. I know Morgan probably would have checked to make sure he was dead before leaving, but... I dunno. I'll be kind of disappointed it really was that easy.

And as always, Reid is love.

And I TOTALLY want to see Ellie Spicer again. She reminded me of the end of "Natural Born Killers", where Hotch talks about abused kids who either grow up to be killers or to catch them.
Easy? I don't think so. We've got Morgan basically going cheerfully along with a suicide-by-cop at the end. We've got JJ digging down deep and marshaling all her resources. We've got Hotch trusting his team (maybe mistakenly, on Morgan's end: I kind of think Morgan went in there to kill him.)

I think if you're looking for a big fight, you're missing the point of what did happen.
eternaleponine and I were curious, because they'd been making noises like the Emergency Broadcast System was handled state-by-state (and, after all, they wanted the alert to go out to LA County, not nationwide), so we looked it up: California's Secretary of the State is currently a woman. So, JJ may not have been talking to Hillary Rodham Clinton after all.

That didn't detract from the awesome one bit.
Not Clinton, I don't think.

If she was dealing with DHS and the FCC, either Janet Napolitano, or Marlene H. Dortch. I'm guessing Napolitano, as is coffeeem
Tim Curry was so good in this. "Uh oh. Even a god finds that sometimes people just have bad luck." I especially liked his delivery when he responded after Morgan asked him if he believed he killed all those people to free them from their pain.
Curry was fucking brilliant. Throughout. I would have quoted all his lines but it would have gotten tiring. *g*

And yeah, that was... some fine acting, there. His character gets so much complexity in just that one sentence.
I thought JJ's hesitation and doubt at using the emergency broadcast was weirdly at odds with the cool, confident woman who's directed dozens of press conferences with ulterior motives.
That's very different than hostage negotiation.
Morgan annoyed me in this ep. The entire team is irritated when injured, but he was kind of pushing the envelope. I don't really approve of him taking his anger out on Garcia, because 1) no one does that, except for when Rossi was still in Anger Management Mode and 2) 9/10 times he jokes right back.

Someone on another board mentioned that while Morgan is biting off everyone's heads and being miserable and giving Em the cold should when she tries to sympathize ("She's right; that wasn't fair."), he quiets down and listens when it's Rossi's turn. I don't remember that exactly, but I thought it was an interesting statement.
We are not seeing Morgan's nice side this episode. Nor are we supposed to be.

He's in trauma response; he's lashing out at people he normally wouldn't; he's looking for revenge.

I think it's supposed to be deeply ambiguous.
The scene where he apologized to Garcia was brill.
Ha! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was a little afraid of her. I mean, I was cheering, but damn.

Replying without reading the post

What the hell is up, has RIAA gone and beaten people to death? Last season I could find five or six illicit places to stream the ep late if I missed it real-time on the air; this year, every single one of them is only showing 'official' links (and CBS, you can go diaf with your stupid little clips, I needz mah episode!).

Anyone have any suggestions? Message privately if it's truly a naughty method that you don't want to talk about in public.

Re: Replying without reading the post

If you have a platform that can support it, and you don't mind shelling out a few bits of change, you can buy the episode on the iTunes store.
I think I'm right there with you on all of it.
Oh, the callbacks in this one. From the ones they stated ("We were all there for you when you needed us") to the ones they didn't (every single thing that reminded me of Revelation). I like that.

Tim Curry, awesome. AJ Cook, awesome and already mourned. The last scene is pretty great, and pretty disturbing. Ellie, awesome. I think my "favorite season premiere award" still probably goes to "Mayhem," but this was good.

(Dude. Morgan has bad luck with these things. He's always getting knocked out by unsubs.)
Yeah. I usually don't live the season premiers, but this one was good.

And Morgan does get mussed a lot....
Yeah. I think Ellie was smirking so as not to cry--it was bravado, and also I think she's a Mean Girl.

She enjoyed that.
Wow, this epsiode would have you drunk by the credits. I like this premiere epsiode: it is a reminder of everything CM is about: family, great characters and survivors.

The start of this season mirrors the start of last season when Hotch was the one walking into a house with an unsub (without a gun, too!) and then Hotch, Prentiss & Rossi walking away from a suicide-by-cop and a protesting Morgan. Now, Morgan willingly executes that suicide-by-cop. With bonus overkill.

And, of course Ed B. had to establish exactly why JJ is essential to this team and how awesome she is, just in time to make her departure even more painful. I'd bet that in epsiode 3 we get a scene that says "This is where JJ is supposed to be, but she's not, so the family is kind of disoriented".
Yeah. All of this.
Having read far too many books about serial killers, I have another suggestion about why the whole "suicide by cop" thing happened. Most of the guys love power and feeling powerful, especially when they have no real power at all in their regular lives.

Billy had jerked Morgan around through the whole thing, leaving his alive, asking him to come into the house, etc. This was the ultimate power trip. He realized he was going to be caught, he knew it was all over, so he manipulated Morgan into killing him, something that links them together forever. Morgan will never forget him, Billy will never be "just another unsub" to Morgan. Suicide is really common amongst these guys when they are caught, or know they will be. The whole final speech, was another way to manipulate Morgan, even if there were some real truths, some personal revelations, it was still him playing his final game. When Morgan wouldn't just shoot him down, he raised the gun to force him to act. He was in control to the very end.

Oooh. I totally didn't consider it from that angle. Now that's seriously evil.
Heh. They may completely lose me next week, but this one sucked me back in with all that the show does well. The Team, they were The Team, down in the trenches.

Especially Reid, who I think will have to take up some of the Bantering With Garcia slack while Morgan sews his stuffing back in.

And dumb me, I got the macro S5 reference when Morgan was calling in that marker with Hotch, but didn't realize until today the smaller specific echoes to "Haunted". However, Hotch was thinking 3 moves ahead, or he wouldn't have let Morgan go in.

Oh JJ. *sticks tongue out at CBS and stalks over to sit in the corner*
Yeah, my tongue is out too.


I'm counting on CM to rise to the crisis again, though.
As soon as I heard that music, I thought "They made this for US!" I wouldn't be surprised if this blog has fans among CM's PTB.
I think Mr. Bernero and his friends have Very Good Taste In Music.
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