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everyone is lucky. everyone is so kind.

Range of Ghosts Marathon Metrics, 12:09 pm 23 September 2010

Manuscript stands at: 359 / 79,008
Words added: 1508
Hours since marathon commencement: 15:51
Sleep: 9.5 (apparently, I needed that.)
Bathing: 2
Sustenance: redneck thai hot and sour soup, ginger snaps, chocolate, yogurt with maple syrup, kale chips
Tea: bancha and mint,
Liquor: A vodka cocktail, scotch
Exercise: climbed for 1 hour, some yoga, some more yoga
Distractions: Criminal Minds season premiere, lunch
Research: indigo, terror birds, range of the Eurasian jackdaw,
Mean things: the horrors of childbed
Current project: creepy fortunetellers
Darling: "I do not subscribe," Hrahima said, "to this ideal of destiny."
Tags: range of ghosts, walk to the end of the draft, with your draft or on it
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