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skin has gotten thicker but it burns the same

Man, I do not have the stamina I used to. I just kind of looked at the next scene I have to write here and decided I could bloody well do it tomorrow. So maybe it's more a relay race than a marathon.

Time was I would have just kept writing until the book was done. But this one isn't getting all rolly-downhill. Instead, it's grinding and grinding and grinding.

And I will keep grinding away at it until it is gone.

But man, this is work.

My thrilling news for the day is that Spectra is not picking up my option, which means they are not currently interested in publishing another Elizabeth Bear book, so Grail will be the last one under that name for that imprint. This does not preclude the possibility of publishing under another name, of course, and Tor will still be publishing my fantasy as Elizabeth Bear for at least the duration of the Eternal Sky trilogy.

So I may be developing a split personality, or something else entirely may be about to happen. Stay tuned!

(I considered for a couple of hours whether I should blog this or not, but since the entire purpose of this blog is window-into-the-life-of-a-working-writer*, I figured it was disingenuous not to mention it. I'm not in need of condolences, really: rejection is part of the writerly life, and this is hardly a career-killer. It's more a rite of passage, like getting remaindered or killing your first magazine.

I guess I need to get back to writing that breakout novel now.)

*Hmmm. Maybe I should have focused more on self-promotion. But that's so odious....**

**Of course, it wouldn't hurt if everybody who reads this runs out and buys four or five books...***

***kidding. Well, no, not exactly kidding. Because of course it would help. But I do not actually EXPECT it.

Tags: life is short and art is long, narcissism, range of ghosts, walk to the end of the draft, with your draft or on it

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